The Book

This summer we celebrate the 140th  anniversary of the first Estonian National Singing Festival. To mark the date, the Album of Singing Festivals in the County of Tartu titled “Who Sings - 140 Years of Singing Festivals in the County of Tartu” was published. Juhan Püttsepp is the author, Maarja Roosi – the designer, Margus Anso – the photos.
A beautiful cloth binding volume of 144 pages contains stories about singing festivals, archive materials and photos. The conductors and singers, folk dancers and members of orchestras express their opinions. The oldest conductor in Estonia Aadu Regi says, “The Singing Festivals will survive having become a long-term tradition. It makes no difference whether there are hard times, song and music will live.”

The book was published thanks to the financial support of the City Government of Tartu, the Singing and Dancing Festivals Foundation of Tartu and private donations. The book contains a summary in English, the lists of all the Singing Festivals of the County of Tartu, the list of the participants of the present festival. Juhan Püttsepp says, “The album could be a song with its rhythm and notes, primarily a piece of art not only a collection of materials or a source of information, an old song which we sing again and again rejoicing.”

You can buy the book at the Singing Festival, in the Tartu Culture Endowment Office (8, Town Hall Square), in the bookshops of Tartu University, Rahva Raamat. When buying the book, you support the Singing and Dancing Festivals Foundation of Tartu.